Located behind the old Fluvanna Church, on the curve,
now called The Fluvanna Church Youth Center,
on Route 430, Town of Ellicott, Fluvanna,
Chautauqua County, NY.



Burials updated to June 2001.
A daunting task;
This cemetery at one time was in tiers and at some point in time, the stones were all removed and the land plowed flat, so this does make for a lot chance for error; the old records we had online were found to have many errors and we hope this new record will help you find your kinfolk. There also were removals from other cemeteries buried here. As with any old data, this material to be used only as a guide and is certain to still have mistakes. This is a very large file so be sure to use your EDIT / SEARCH feature and all surnames will also show in the search engine on the main GenWeb page, As with any family, a lot of names are all mixed together.

Sager, Lee W. 1881 - 1978. w/ Hilda H. Fosburg.

Sager, Hilda H. (Fosburg). b. 1881 Town of Carroll. d. Oct. 9, 1951. Age
70/9/5. Buried Oct. 12, 1951, Lot 34, Section 10. w/o Lee W. Sager.

(Children of Lee W. & Hilda H. (Fosbrug) Sager included: Gladys D. Sager;
Doris I. Sager; and Alfred Sager).

Sager, Gladys D. 1912 - 1914. d/o Lee W. & Hilda H. (Fosburg) Sager.

Sager, Doris I. b. Sept. 9, 1906 Town of Ellery. d. Dec. 22, 2000 in
Lutheran Retirement Home, Jamestown, NY. Age 94. d/o Lee W. & Hilda H.
(Fosburg) Sager. m. Dec. 27, 1926, Martin C. Peterson. Martin d. July 14,
1974. Obit 12/23/2000: Doris preceded in death by sister, Gladys Sager and
brother, Alfred Sager. Doris attended Jamestown Public Schools and was a
member of Allen Park Women's Club and a past member of Kidder Memorial
United Methodist Church.

Sample, Edwin Forrest. b. Jan. 11, 1872 New Manville, Clarion Co., Pa. d.
??. s/o Hugh W. & Marie Dorothea (Keil) Sample. m. July 2, 1902 at Methodist
Church in Bemus Point, NY, Edith May Griffith. Edwin Forrest Sample was a
carpenter. He built many houses along Chautauqua Lake, also school house
No. 13 in the Town of Ellery.

Sample, Edith May (Griffith). b. May 12, 1878. d. Nov. 27, 1910. Age 32.
Only child of Guy S. & Carrie (Messenger) Griffith. w/o Edwin Forrest

(Children of Edwin Forrest & Edith May (Griffith) Sample included: Hazel
Allene Sample w/o Harold S. Feather; and Merton Ray Sample).

Hazel Allene Sample. b. Jan. 8, 1904 Fluvanna, NY. d. Mar. 15, 1990 in St.
Joseph's Hospital, Port Charlotte, Fla. Age 86. Probably buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. d/o Edwin Forrest & Edith May (Griffith) Sample. m. Dec. 29, 1935
Kidder Memorial Church, Jamestown, NY., Harold S. Feather.
Hazel Allene and Harold did not have any children. Hazel prior to her
reitrement in 1964 was an insurance broker for Sloan-Melhuish Co., where she
had been employed for 35 years. She was a member of Kidder Memorial United
Methodist Church, since 1935, where she had been a Sunday School teacher for
the junior girls' class for 33 years. She served as Sunday School Council
secretary for 20 years and had served on the Children's Missionary Society
for 4 years. She was a member of Willing Workers Sunday School Class and had
been its secretary for 10 years, treasurer for several years and been its
teacher for a time. She has a brother Merton Sample of Jacksonville, Fla.

Sampson, Alexander Frederick. b. May 14, 1857, Carlstorp, Sweden. d. Oct. 9,
1919 at home on the Dutch Hollow Road. Age 62. Funeral was held Oct. 12,
1919. m. Feb. 23, 1887 at bride's home in Ellery, Lillian Josephine Akin.

Sampson, Lillian Josephine (Akin). b. Jan. 19, 1856 Ellery. d. Dec. 27, 1929
at Seneca Falls. Age 73. d/o John & Lucy Ann (Blowers) Akin.
w/o Alexander Frederick Sampson.

(Children of Alexander Frederick & Lillian Josephine (Akin) Sampson
included: Clayburne B. Sampson; Berdessa Louella Sampson w/o Leighton Alli
Soule; Berenice Genella Sampson w/o Ora Edward Wood; and Anna Delora Sampson
w/o Thomas Isaac Slack Boak).

Sampson, Anna Delora. b. Apr. 8, 1894 Gerry. d. 1990. d/o Alexander
Frederick & Lillian Josephine (Akin) Sampson. m. July 5, 1915 in Westfield,
Thomas Isaac Slack Boak of Oswego. s/o John William & Ida W. (Ayers) Boak.

Sampson, Berdessa Louella. b. Sept 18, 1889 Town of Ellery. d. ??. d/o
Alexander Frederick & Lillian Josephine (Akin) Sampson. m. July 28, 1907 at
her home, Leighton Alli Soule. Leighton b. July 18, 1877 Town of Ellery. d.
Sept. 3, 1950. Age 73. s/o George Frederick & Hannah (Haner) Soule. Both
buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Samuelson, Robert G. 1911 - 1975.

Sandberg, Alexia (Lundgren). b. March 23, 1906, in Treharningsjo,
Angermanland, Sweden. d. Apr. 26, 1999 Jamestown, NY. d/o Levi Anselm &
Anna Leontina Ostrand Lundgren. April 26, 1999, Jamestown NY, (PJ Obit)

Sandell, Charles J. b. 1871 Ross Mills, NY. d. May 6, 1947. Age 76/3/7.
Buried May 8, 1947, Lot 24, Section 10. w/ Matilda C. "Tilda".

Sandell, Matilda C. "Tilda". b. 1874 Sweden. d. Mar. 12, 1954 at Helmuth,
NY. Buried Mar. 15, 1954, Lot 24, Section 10, Grave 4. Age 78/4/15. w/o
Charles J. Sandell.

Sandell, Christina. 1832 - 1912.
Sandell, P. W. 1869 - 1915.
Sandell, P. E. 1831 - 1912.

Sanders, Karen May. b. Jan. 10, 1969. d. June 25, 1969. OUR BABY
Sanders, Keith E. 1962 - 1981.

Saunders, Thomas. b. 1793. d. Dec. 5, 1864. Age 71/2/9. w/ Laura.
Saunders, Laura ( ). b. 1798. d. Mar. 9, 1855. w/o Thomas Saunders.
Saunders, Hiram. d. Apr. 27, 1825. s/o Thomas & Laura Saunders.

Saunders, Harry C. b. 1822. d. July 22, 1833. Age 11/5/26. s/o Thomas &
Laura Saunders.

Saunders, Wayne A. b. 1908. d. Jan. 31, 1991. m. Apr. 20, 1032 Mable F.

Saunders, Mabel F. (Clair). b. Feb. 6, 1909 Belmont, NY. d. Apr. 12, 1997
Johnson Memorial Hospital, Stafford Springs, Conn. Age 88. d/o Floyd &
Orreta (Barrett) Clair. w/o Wayne A. Saunders. Mabel a native of Belmont,
NY. A 1927 graduate of Belmont High School and a 1928 grad of Rochester
Business Institute.

Schmidt, Frederick. 1894 - ??. w/ Mafalda.
Schmidt, Mafalda. 1902 - ??. w/o Frederick Schmidt.

Schoeneck, Beverly. 1956? - 1977?. d/o Donna (Nelson) Schoeneck. Donna d/o
Herbert M. "Stub" & Marian Sabra (Hayner) Nelson. At time of Beverly's
graduation from Maple Grove High School, she was living with Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert Nelson, her guardians, of Dutch Hollow Road. Mr. Nelson died in 1977
and Beverly was listed as deceased at this time.

Scholer, Joshua. w/ Lillian. (Joshua & Lillian Scholer are owners of Lot 266
in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Scholer, Edith Ruth. C. 1910. Age 1 year. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Schow, Peter A. b. 1855 Denmark. d. Jan. 29, 1946 intestinal obstruction.
Age 90/10/4. Buried Feb. 1, 1946. w/ Mary Mason.

Schow, Mary (Mason). 1860 - 1917. w/o Peter A. Schow.

(Children of Peter A. & Mary (Mason) Schow included: Martin H. Schow; Mrs.
W. Charles Christy; Herbert P. Schow and Martha H. Schow).

Schroeder, Millicent M. b. Apr. 15, 1913. d. July 20, 2000.

Schultz, Charles H. 1922 - 1982.
Schultz, Charles J. 1872 - 1954.
Schultz, Sabina. 1880 - 1960.
Schultz, Theodore. 1903 - 1976. Veterans Mark

Scihierer, Albert G. 1915 - 1998. w/ Wilma R.
Scihierer, Wilma R. 1917 - 1990. w/o Albert Schihierer.

Scofield, Wilbur. b. 1873. d. Oct. 1948 heart disease. Age 75. Buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery, Oct. 30, 1948, Lot 47, Section East. w/ Hettie M.
Sherwin. d/o Houghton W. & Hettie M. (Whitestine) Sherwin.

Charles W Sealy owner of Lot 11 in Fluvanna Cemetery. (Charles W. Sealy,
1864 - ??, is buried in the Bemus Point Cemetery. His wife, Bertha J.
Shoemaker, 1871 - 1920, is also buried in the Bemus Point Cemetery).

Sealy, Martha. d. 1891. Age 40.

Sealy, Goldie. b. 1888. d. 1910 at her home in Stow, NY. Age 21. d/o Charles
W. & Bertha J. (Shoemaker) Sealy. w/o LeRoy Butts. 1887 - 1967. Both buried
in Fluvanna Cemetery. When their son, Gerald Butts, was 9 days old, the
mother, Goldie Sealy Butts died. Gerald lived with his grandparents Charles
& Bertha Sealy.

Sessions, Floyd Vaness. b. Mar. 4, 1857. d. Nov. 22, 1916 at his home at
Crafton Heights, Pa. Age 58/8/18. s/o Horton Sessions. w/ Harriet A.
Simmons. Floyd was a nephew of Walter L. & Loren B. Sessions of Town of
Harmony. Bearers at his funeral were all relatives: Marcus, Walter, Lewis,
Frank, Hatch Simmons and Orville Casselman.

Sessions, Harriet A. (Simmons). 1865 - 1958. w/o Floyd Vaness Sessions.
Harried m. 2nd _____Horton.

Sfetko, George R. 1927 - 1998. w/ Kay Walker. In 1989 his residence was
Chedwel Road at Bemus Point, NY. KOREAN CONFLICT.

Sfetko, Kay (Walker). b. 1929. d. ??. w/o George R. Sfetko.

Shahan, Velma M. 1910 - 1976.

Shaver, Martin Luther "Louie" Jr. b. Mar. 8, 1882 Ellery. d. May 13, 1943
Sinclairville, NY. Age 61/2/10. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery May 15, 1943,
Lot 15, Section 10. s/o Charles & Ida Belle (Smiley) Shaver. w/ Margaret E.

Shaver, Margaret E. (Winchester). b. 1880 Warren, Pa. d. Sept. 21, 1957
Jamestown, NY. Age 77. w/o Martin Luther "Louie" Shaver Jr. At time of her
death Margaret was living at Sinclairville, NY.

Shaw, Blanch. b. 1858. d. Oct. 29, 1858. Age 5 weeks, 5 days. d/o Charles B.
& M. A. Shaw.

Shaw, Mariner. b. Apr. 10, 1784. d. Mar 29, 1864. w/ Jane Ann Hadley.

Shaw, Jane Ann (Hadley). b. ??. d. Apr. 25, 1819. Age 20y. d/o Abel & Jane
(Barry) Hadley. w/o Mariner Shaw.

Shaw, Russell D. b. Mar. 17, 1807 or 1806 Albany, NY. d. Jan. 29, 1854
Ellicott. Age 46/10/12. s/o Minor D. & Lydia (Daniels) Shaw. m. 1st Mary Ann
Acocks. m. 2nd Elizabeth "Betsey" Jane Ann Parker. m. 3rd Maria Thomas.
Russell was a druggest in Albany, NY. His store burned in 1828 so he moved
to Fluvanna in a wagon and arrived on Mar. 17, 1828.

Shaw, Mary Ann (Acocks). Of Rensselaer Co., NY. b. 1807. d. Aug. 23, 1846.
Age 39. d/o Thomas & Anna (Delane) Acocks. 1st w/o Russell D. Shaw.

(Children of Russell D. & Mary Ann (Acocks) Shaw included: Catherine Sabrina
"Kate" Shaw. 1836 - 1904. w/o Col. Alfred Dunham; Charley Bingley Shaw;
Jason Hazzard Shaw, 1840 - 1841; Warner Shaw, 1842 - 1864; Emily Ann
Shaw, oldest of the 9 children, 1828 - 1931; Thomas Acocks Shaw 1829 -
1904; John Daniel Shaw 1832 - 1855; Ann Shaw, 1833 - 1919; and Francis
Earnest Shaw, 1845 - 1912).

Shaw, Elizabeth "Betsey" Jane Ann (Parker). b. Jan. 17, 1827. d. Oct. 24,
1848. Age 22. d/o Phillip & Lydia (Kellogg) Parker. "Betsey" died when
daughter, Mary Jane, was born, Oct. 24, 1848. Mary Jane d. Apr. 20, 1912.
"Betsey" 2nd w/o Russell D. Shaw.

Shaw, Jason Hazzard. b. 1840 Fluvanna, NY. d. Oct. 9, 1841 Fluvanna, NY. Age
1/6/18. s/o Russell D. & Mary Ann (Acocks) Shaw.

Shaw, Warner. b. Apr. 10, 1842. d. Mar. 19, 1864. s/o Russell D. & Mary Ann
(Acocks) Shaw. Served in the CIVIL WAR.

Shaw, Emily Ann. b. May 12, 1828 in log cabin - old Bentley Place - opposite
Curtis Ferry. d. Jan. 28, 1931 at home of daughter, at Chautauqua, NY. Age
102/8/16. d/o Russell D. & Mary Ann (Acocks) Shaw. m. Mar. 5, 1846 at
Fluvanna, NY, Nelson Griffith. Nelson b. July 31, 1823. d. Feb/Mar. 23,
1911. s/o Seth & Polly "Mary" (Reynolds) Griffith. Both buried at Fluvanna

Shaw, John Daniel. b. Mar. 1832 Fluvanna, NY. d. Apr. 1, 1855. Age 23. s/o
Russell D. & Mary Ann (Acocks) Shaw. w. Janette Mason.

Shaw, Janette (Mason) b. 1832. d. Jan. 29, 1911. w/o John Daniel Shaw.
Janette m. 2nd Marcus A. Martin.

Shedd, Ezra Hubert "Hub". b. Apr. 30, 1848 Peterboro, New Hampshire. d.
1925. s/o James Parker Shedd 1820 - 1899 & Martha Wyman (Nichols) Shedd.
(Both buried in Red Bird Cemetery, Town of Ellery). Ezra w/ Sarah Shaver.

Shedd, Sarah (Shaver). b. 1850 Ellery. d. Apr. 9, 1931 Jamestown, NY. Age
80. d/o Martin Luther & Castara (Austin) Shaver. w/o Ezra Hubert "Hub"

(In Red Bird is a child of Ezra H and
another wife, Hannah, Eva Louise, died 10-10-1874, age 1 year 8 days. d/o
Ezra H. and Hannah Shedd).

Shelters, Raymond E. b. Aug. 15, 1906. d. Sept. 28, 1987. US Army WW II

Shepard, Earl D. 1891 - 1977. w/ Minnie.
Shepard, Minnie. 1894 - 1968. w/o Earl D. Shepard.

Sherman, Isaac H. b. 1833. d. Sept. 18, 1902 Fluvanna, NY. Age 68/11/28 w/
Abigail S. Brown. Isaac had a sister, Mrs. Mary Healy of Spartansburg.

Sherman, Abigail S. (Brown). b. June 14, 1829 Fluvanna, NY. d. Dec. 1918.
d/o Alexander Brown. w/o Isaac H. Sherman. Obit. PJ 12/9/1918. Abigail Brown
Sherman, the oldest resident born in Fluvanna, died at her home in that
village on Saturday evening at 9:45, aged 89 years, 5 months and 23 days.
She was born in Fluvanna on June 14, 1829 and lived there almost her entire
life. She was an ideal homemaker. Survived by three brothers: Alexander
Brown of Dayton, O., Almond Brown of Chautauqua, George W. Brown of Burdett,
Kansas; one sister, Mrs. Ann Smiley of South Stockton and a large number of
nieces and nephews. A member of Fluvanna Methodist Church and one of 13
children, ten of whom lived to be over 70 years of age.

Sherman, Merritt R. b. Sept. 13, 1868 Town of Ellery. d. Apr. 26, 1957 39
Center Street, Fredonia, NY. s/o William Penn & Mary Marie (Parker) Sherman.
m. 1st Dec. 31, 1894 in Jamestown, NY. Lavina I. Halliday. m. 2nd Nov. 30,
1899, Anna Taber. 1873 - 1957, d/o James Edward & Mary (Haynes) Taber.
Merritt A. Sherman was owner of Lot 34 in the Fluvanna Cemetery. Obit PJ
Jan. 2, 1951. Merritt R. Sherman, 82, retired painter at the Dahlstrom
Metallic Door Company, died at his home., 39 Center Street, Fredonia, at 6
a.m. today. Mr. Sherman was born Sept. 13, 1868 in the Town of Ellery. The
son of William T. and Hannah Parker Sherman, he spent the early years of his
life as a farmer, coming to Jamestown about 30 years ago. He retired about
three years ago. He is survived by his wife, Anna Taber Sherman; a son,
Gerald Sherman of Fredonia; two daughters, Mrs. Mary Risley of Jamestown and
Mrs. Blair Link of Buffalo; seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.
The body is at the Boyd Funeral Home where services will be held at 2 p.m.
Wednesday. Burial will be in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Sherman, Lavina I. (Halliday). b. 1873. d. Aug. 23, 1897 Town of Ellery. Age
24. 1st w/o Merritt R. Sherman. d/o Norman & Nancy (Wilkins) Halliday. Nancy
m. 2nd Wilson Camp.

(Mary Sherman and Harold Harmon Sherman, children of Merritt R. & Lavina I.
(Halliday) Sherman, were adopted by Grandmother, Nancy and her second
husband, Wilson Camp. The children went by the name of "Camp".)

Sherwin, Julia O. 1825 - 1906.

Sherwin, Francis "Frank" M. b. 1875. d. June 8, 1955 Jamestown General
Hospital. Age 80. 6th child of Francis & Cornelia (Lucas) Sherwin. m. Aug.
27, 1894 Eva Wing. Frank & Eva were divorced. m. 2nd Sept. 12, 1912, Bertha

Sherwin, Bertha (Shelters). 1882 - 1961. w/o Francis "Frank" M. Sherwin.

Sherwin, Infant Son. d. Jan. 19, 1922 Jamestown General Hospital, Age 19
days. s/o Francis "Frank" M. & Bertha (Shelters) Sherwin.

Sherwin, George M.` b. 1915. d. ??. s/o Francis "Frank" M. & Bertha
(Shelters) Sherwin. w/ Ingrid M. George had brother, Francis E. Sherwin,
1922 of Fluvanna and an infant brother who died Jan. 19, 1922, Age 19 days.

Sherwin, Ingrid M. 1919 - 1977. w/o George M. Sherwin.

Sherwin, Philo Orton. (Lot owner no. 66 and no. 47 in Fluvanna Cemetery). b.
June 22, 1825. d. Aug. 31, 1906 at his home, 12 Dexter Street, Jamestown,
NY. Age 81. 2nd child of Milton & Flora (Griffith) Sherwin. m. Sept. 29,
1851 Laura Babcock. Obit...Philo, oldest native-born resident of Jamestown,
expert machinist; built first upright engine constructed in Jamestown, sold
to oil fields, cast first cannon made in city. Had sisters, Mrs. Henry
(Nancy) Cowing; Mrs. David P. (Sarah) Conic; Mrs. Peter (Helen) Cady.
Preceded in death by brothers and sisters: Francis E. Sherwin, Milton
Sherwin Jr., Samuel G. Sherwin, Elvira Sherwin, Flora Sherwin w/o Frank
Ward, Hersilia Sherwin w/o John Phetteplace. Bearers at Philo's funeral, all
relatives: Houghton Sherwin Sr., Houghton Sherwin Jr., A. M. Harris, William
Newton, Willis Cady and Fred Cowing.

Sherwin, Laura (Babcock). 1829 - 1917. w/o Philo Orton Sherwin.

Sherwin, Milton. b. Sept. 25, 1797 Wichendon, Mass. d. June 3, 1888
Jamestown, NY. Age 80 years, 8 months and 9 days. s/o Francis & Rachel
(Knight) Sherwin). m. Jan. 8, 1922, in Busti, NY, Flora Griffith. Obit.
Milton Sherwin, an old and much respected resident of East Jamestown, died
Sunday morning, June 3rd, 1888, age 80 years, 8 months, and 9 days. Mr.
Sherwin came here from Massachusetts in 1816. He was married Jan. 8, 1922,
to Flora Griffith, who survives him, and by whom he had 10 children, six of
whom are living. Mr. Sherwin was one of the charter members of the First
Congregational Church of this city, and since the death of Judge A.
Hazeltine has been the only survivor. He assisted in the burial of the first
person who died in Jamestown. He suffered many of the trials and privations
of pioneer life all of which he bore with Christian fortitude. His funeral
was held at the home of his son, Philo O. Sherwin, No. 1027 E. Second
Street. The remains were buried at Fluvanna. He leaves a wife, aged 88
years, two sons and four daughters: F. E. Sherwin, P. O. Sherwin, Jamestown;
Mrs. John Phetteplace, Falconer; Mrs. David Conic, Ross Mills; Mrs. Helen
Cady, Jamestown; Mrs. Charles Cowing, Busti. Mr. Sherwin has always followed
his trade as a carpenter and joiner and millwright.

Sherwin, Flora (Griffith). b. Mar. 28, 1800 Madison Co., NY. d. June 19,
1894 Jamestown, NY. d/o Samuel & Nancy (Lewis) Griffith. (Flora (3), Samuel
(2), Seth (1) Griffith). w/o Milton Sherwin.

(Children of Milton & Flora (Griffith) Sherwin included: Frances E. Sherwin,
1823 - 1899; Philo O. Sherwin, 1825 - 1906; Hersilia Sherwin, 1824 - 1904
w/o John Phetteplace; Milton Sherwin Jr. 1829 - 1833; Samuel G. Sherwin,
1831 - 1861. Was first Lieutenant of Co. A. 112th NY Vol., and was killed
before Petersburg; Nancy Sherwin, 1834 - 1908, w/o Charles Cowing; Sarah
A. Sherwin, 1836 - 1912, w/o David P. Conic; Helen Sherwin, b. 1838, w/o
Peter Cady; Elvira Sherwin, 1840 - 1871; Flora E. Sherwin, 1844 - 1883.
w/o Frank Ward).

Sherwin, Samuel G. b. Oct. 2, 1831. d. Killed in Battle of Petersburg, Va.
June 28, 1861. Age 33 yr, 4 mo. s/o Milton & Flora (Griffith) Sherwin. Was
first Lieutenant of Co. A., 112th N.Y. Vol.

Sherwin, Milton Jr. b. Sept. 15, 1829. d. May 28, 1833. s/o Milton Sr. &
Flora (Griffith) Sherwin.

Sherwin, Houghton W. b. July 13, 1854 Jamestown, NY. d. June 9, 1935 at his
home in Fluvanna. Age 80/10/26. Buried June 11, 1935. Adopted s/o Philo
Orton & Laura (Babcock) Sherwin. Philo s/o Milton & Flora (Griffith)
Sherwin. m. Oct. 5, 1879 Hetty J. Whitestine. Houghton had lived at Fluvanna
for 50 years.

Sherwin, Hetty J. (Whitestine). b. June 12, 1882 Columbus, Ohio. d. Apr.
1933 at home in Fluvanna. Age 74/2/22. w/o Houghton W. Sherwin. Hetty had
lived in Fluvanna 49 years. Was founder of the Political Equality Club of
Fluvanna and active worker in Fluvanna Public Library and member of Union

Sherwin, Houghton P. b. Aug. 26, 1880. d. Sept. 25, 1908, killed by traction
car. s/o Houghton W. & Hetty M. (Whitestine) Sherwin.

Sherwin, Emily. b. Oct. 26, 1858 Bad Axe Co., Wisconsin. d. 1941. d/o
Francis E. & Cornelia (Lucas) Sherwin. m. Jan. 11, 1883 Almon Morelle
Harris. Both buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Sherwin, Jennie M. b. abt 1872. d. Jan. 1899 at Fluvanna, NY. Age 27/2/9.
d/o Francis E. & Cornelia (Lucas) Sherwin. Obit. Miss Jennie M. Sherwin,
died at her home at Fluvanna, Sunday at 6 a.m., aged 27 years, 2 months and
9 days. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Sherwin. Besides the
parents she leaves one sister, Mrs. A. M. (Emily E.) Harris, and one
brother, Frank M. Sherwin, both of Jamestown.

Short, Cynthia Marie (Hartson). b. 1953. d. June 3, 1992 cancer. Age 39.
Ashes buried Aug. 13, 1994. d/o Leland & Dorthy (Widlund) Hartson. w/o Tim

Silva James H . b. ??. d. Oct. 9, 1811. Age 1y 4m. s/o Russell D. & Mary Ann

Simmons, Alexander. b. Apr. 16, 1817 Jamestown, NY. d. Dec. 13, 1893,
suicide. Age 76/7/28. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Walter & Roxanna
(Roxellena) (Lyon) Simmons. w/ Laura Ann Clark.

Simmons, Laura Ann (Clark). b. Jan. 15, 1821. d. May 13, 1904. Age 83/3/29.
Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. w/o Alexander Simmons, d/o Arvin Clark and 1st
wife Jecheliah (VanZandt). Laura had brothers: Nicholas V. Clarke of Union
City Pa. and Caleb C. Clarke of Gettsburg, SD.

(Alexander & Laura Ann (Clark) Simmons were the parents of 12 children).

Simmons, Merritt. (This is Merritt Wetsel who lived with Alexander Simmon's
family and took the name of Simmons). 1851 - 1921. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. s/o John W. & Emeline (Simmons) Wetsel. w/ Hannah Conden. Merritt
had a brother, James Alexander Wetsel. Merritt was the owner of Lot 35 in
the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Simmons, Hannah (Condon). 1858 - 1905. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. w/o Merritt
Simmons. d/o John & Joanna Conden.

(John Conden 1817-1896, Age 80 is buried in Fluvanna Cemetery, on Lot 35,
which is owned by Merritt Simmons. Joanna, the wife of John B. Conden died
at the home of Merritt Simmons in 1897, at the age of 76/10/7). She is also
buried on Lot 35 in the Fluvanna Cemetery.)

Simmons, Son. b. 1841. d. Mar. 31, 1841. Age 3 months. Buried Fluvanna
Cemetey. s/o Alexander & Laura Ann (Clark) Simmons.

Simmons, Janie. b. Feb. 18, 1842. d. Jan. 7, 1925. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery.
d/o Alexander & Laura Ann (Clark) Simmons. w/o Aaron A. Haskins. Aaron b.
Jan., 28, 1840. d. Feb. 15, 1905. s/o John & Aurilla (Aldrich) Haskins. He
is also buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Simmons, Leon. (1963 of Dunkirk). s/o Marcus "Mark" & Sarah M. "Sadie"
(Barclay) Simmons. w/ Lavina Norton.

Simmons, Lavina (Norton) (Lavina m. 1st to Joseph Gilligan). b. Nov. 6, 1881
Jamestown, NY. d. Apr. 11, 1953 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 71. Buried
Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Joseph & Elizabeth (Gowan) Norton. Lavina had resided
in Greenhurst 34 years. Survived by four sisters: Mrs. Mina Haynor, Mrs.
Rose Gustafson, Mrs. Orah Baxell and Mrs. Roxy Brooks, all of Jamestown; a
brother, Paul Norton, Fla., a half sister, Mrs. Loretta Gowan, Jamestown; a
half brother, Herbert Norton, Geneva, NY.

Simmons, Aletta S. b. Dec. 19, 1896. d. Aug. 30, 1902 Town of Ellery. Age
5/8/11. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Marcus & Sarah M. (Barclay) Simmons.
Mark s/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons.

Simmons, William. b. Feb. 7, 1765. d. Aug. 29, 1849. (Orbit says died
9/6/1849). Age 84. s/o Amos Simmons. m. 1st Miss Swain. Miss Swain listed as

a suicide. (See obit that follows). m. 2nd Sally Sealey. William Simmons was
a soldier of the American Revolution; his father was also a Revolutionary
War soldier, who is buried in Red Bird Cemetery, Town of Ellery. Obit of
Miss Swain..Mrs. William Simmons, the mother of WALTER SIMMONS, committed
suicide by hanging. She was the second adult interred in the cemetery (Old
Jamestown Cemetery) and they were the parents of three sons and three
daughters. A headstone marks the grave of one of their sons, Walter, and his
wife in this Fluvanna cemetery. It is inscribed: "Walter Simmons/born Aug,
16, 1792/died July 4, 1856./Roxylana/his wife/born Mar. 7, 1798/died/Dec.
19, 1892".
"ROXY" Simmons in book record died 1892 age 95 lot 140 William owner.

Simmons, Walter. b. Aug. 16, 1792 Columbus, NY. d. Jul. 4, 1856. Age
64/11/19. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. m. Feb. 22, 1892 Roxylana Lyon in
Chenango Co. NY. Walter built the first wool carding mill in Jamestown, A
charter member of first Masonic Lodge in Jamestown. Removed from Jamestown
to Red Bird, Town of Ellery, where he kept a hotel. Remained there three
years - then to Fluvanna, where he built and kept another hotel until his

Simmons, Roxylana (Lyon). b. Mar. 7, 1798. d. Dec. 19, 1892. Came to
Chautauqua County in 1811. w/o Walter Simmons.

(Children of Walter & Roxylana (Lyon) Simmons included: Clarissa; Ann Marie;
Alexander: Otis; George; Emaline; Ambrose; Lewis; John; Orvin; Loranda;

Simmons, Obed. b. Feb. 26, 1840 or 1842. d. May 11, 1882. Age 40/2/15.
Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery on Lot 140 with Mother. s/o Walter & Roxylana
(Lyon) Simmons. Co. B. 723nd N.Y. Inf. Civil War.

Simmons, John. b. July 11, 1832. d. May 22, 1921 at home of daughter Mrs. J.
Quincey Arnold, Maple Street, Bemus Point. Funeral was at home of the
daughter on May 25, 1921. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Walter & Roxylana
(Lyon) Simmons. w/ Mary Catherine Nelson.

Simmons, Mary Catherine (Wilson). b. abt 1836. d. Dec. 26, 1885 Ellery. Age
49/3/16. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. w/o John Simmons. Stephen B. Wilson who
died Aug. 28, 1884 in Jamestown, age 45 years lived with his sister, Mrs.
John Simmons. Due to poor health, despondent he comitted suicide by jumping
into a well.

(Children of John & Mary Catherine (Nelson) Simmons included: Willis
Simmons, Jennie Simmons, w/o John Spencer Barclay; and Clara Simmons, w/o
John Quincy Arnold. Clara and husband buried in the Bemus Point Cemetery).

Simmons, George. ?? - ??. s/o Walter & Roxylanna (Lyon) Simmons. Do not know
where George is buried but he owned Lot 246 in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

Simmons, Ambrose. b. Jan. 16, 1827. d. Aug. 12, 1882. Age 52. Buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Walter & Roxyland (Lyon) Simmons. w/ Mary Jane
Herrick. Ambrose Simmons Enlist Date 01 October 1861 Jamestown, NY rank
Private age 32 Served New York Enlisted C Co. 9th Cav Reg. NY Mustered Out
at Cloud's Mills, VA on 17 July 1865

Simmons, Mary Jane (Herrick). d. 1909. Age 80. Probably buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. w/o Ambrose Simmons.

Simmons, Jonas. b. Mar. 11, 1758 Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Nov. 1, 1848
Town of Ellicott. Age 90/7/19. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Lawrence,
who d. in VT., age 96, a Revolutionary Soldier. m. Aug. 21, 1785 Berlin,
Rensselaer Co., NY, Elsie "Elsey" Strunk. In places listed as JAMES Simmons
is in error. Jonas was a Torry in the Revolution - with Burgone's Army in
1777. Deserted to Canada - after war returned to Rensselaer Co. and married
Elsie Strunk. He took claim in Ellery, NY in 1809 - moved 1810. Came in
party of 29 - accompanied by Elsie's brother, John Strunk and Benjamin Lee,
who's sister was John's wife.

Simmons, Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk). b. Jan. 29, 1766. d. July 2, 1854 (stone
says 1855). Age 89/4/3. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Hendrick & Anna
Elizabeth (Harwischs) Strunk. w/o Jonas Simmons. (Elsey died July 2,1854,
not July 21, 1855, the date inscribed on the headstone marking her and her
husband's grave in Fluvanna Cemetery. Her name is spelled "Elsey" on the
gravestone. The DAR Patriot Index (1966)), p.617, reports her name as Elisa
Strunck. According to Downs and Hedley in their History of Chautauqua County
and Its People (1921), I, p. 159. "Jonas Simmons came in 1809 and made a
claim at Fluvanna, and in 1810 brought his wife and thirteen of his fifteen
children. John Strunk, his wife's brother, and Benjamin Lee, whose wife was
a sister to Mrs. Simmons, came with him. Four of John Strunk's children were
in the company, so a whole school district came in one company. These were
the first settlers in the west part of Ellicott.

(Jonas and Elsie (Strunk) Simmons were the parents of 16
children, 15 of whom grew to maturity, and all of whom were born in
Rensselaer County, N.Y. As recorded at Fenton Historical Center,
Jamestown, N.Y., and in DAR documents, and other records, here are their

1. Simmons, Elizabeth. b. Aug 11, 1786 Rensselaer Co., NY. d/o Jonas &
Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons. m. 1st Oct. 21, 1804, John M. Pierce. m. 2nd
in 1842, Henry Strunk, her aunt's 1st husband. Elizabeth was the eldest
daughter and came to Chautauqua County with her father in 1810 and her
husband, John Pierce, and one child. Pierce, John died 23 Mar 1840 age 24
buried Fluvanna (son).

2. Simmons, Catherine. b. Sept. 8, 1787 Rensselaer Co., NY. d/o Jonas &
Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons. Nothing known about this daughter.

3. Simmons, Peter. b. Dec. 6, 1788 Rensselaer Co., NY. s/o Jonas & Elsie
"Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons. Moved to vicinity of Erie, Pa.

4. Simmona, Hannah. - b. Sept 30, 1790 Rensselaer Co., NY. d/o Jonas & Elsie
"Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons.

5. Simmons, Jacob. b. Sept 14, 1792 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. 1875 Sugar River,
Wisconsin. s/o Jonas & Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons. w/ Phoebe Shaw. Went
to Sugar River in Wisconsin, where he died. Their children were Asher
Simmons and Norman Simmons. These two sons built the first church in
Fluvanna in 1842.

6. Simmons, Unnamed child. b. Rensselaer Co., NY. d. soon after birth. child
of Jonas & Elsie "Elsey" (StrunkI Simmons.

7. Simmons, Polly. b. Apr 5, 1796 Rensselaer Co., NY. d/o Jonas & Elsie
"Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons.

8. Simmons, Elsie. b. March 31, 1798 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Dec. 3, 1885.
Age 87. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Jonas & Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk)
Simmons. m. June 29, 1913 (first wedding on record in Fluvanna) Samuel
Griffith b. May 8, 1791 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Feb. 7, 1876 at Griffith's
Point, Town of Ellery. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Jeremiah & Mary
(Crapsy) Griffith. Jeremiah Griffith a Revolutionary War soldier. Jeremiah
is buried in Fluvanna Cemetery also.

(Children of Elsie Simmons & Samuel Griffith included: Franklin Griffith, m.
1st his cousin Eliza Griffith, m. 2nd Sally Young, m. 3rd Janett Garfield;
Alexander Griffith w/ Martha Martin; Jeanette Griffith w/o William
Atherly; and Christiana Griffith, w/o Simeon Wilbur).

9. Simmons, Jonas Jr. b. Sept 28, 1799 Rensselaer Co., NY. s/o Jonas & Elsie
"Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons. m. 1818 in Fluvanna, Sally Gates. Became a
resident of Dayton, Ohio.

Simmons, Sally Gates. b. Nov. 26, 1796 Rensselaer Co., NY. d/o Zepheniah &
Abigail (Griffith) Gates.

(Children of Jonas & Sally (Gates) Simmons included: Caroline Simmons, b.
Feb. 16, 1819; Sally Simmons, b. Jan. 14, 1820; Amanda Simmons, b. Mar. 8,
1822. m. Oct. 11, 1844 Wheatly Smith; Cornelia Simmons, b. Mar. 6, 1824, m.
Aug. 26, 1841 Johnson Lee; Martha J. Simmons, b. Apr. 3, 1826, m. Jan. 18,
1845 Jacob French; Thirza Simmons, b. July 11, 1828, m. E. Deaver; Susan
Simmons, m. June 1, 1868, Daniel Boham; Charles W. Simmons, m. Martha
Barkman; Twins, b. June 17, 1882; George W. Simmons, b. Aug. 9, 1839).

10. Simmons, John. b. Rensselaer Co., NY. died. (Believe he died young).
s/o Jonas & Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons.

11. Simmons, Sally Ann. b. Jan 15, 1802 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Sept. 30,
1878. Age 76. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Jonas & Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk)
Simmons. m. Joseph Cook of Ross Mills. Joseph b. May 27, 1782. d. Aug. 22,
1867. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. Sally Ann Simmons and Joseph Cook had six
children. They first lived at Fluvanna and later at Dexterville.

12. Simmons, Abigail. b. Sept 6, 1804 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. 1873. Buried
in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Jonas & Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons. m. 1st
Holder Gifford. Holder b. 1802. d. 1830. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.
Abigail m. 2nd John Camp. (John Camp died on a steamer on the Mississippi
River sometime before 1874).

13. Simmons, Anna. b. June 24, 1805 Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NY. (twin of
Annis Simmons). d. May 14, 1842. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery on Lot 10. d/o
Jonas & Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons. m. Feb. 8, 1821, Henry Strunk. Henry
b. Apr. 9, 1795 Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Apr. 1877 at Fluvanna. Age
83. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Jacob & Elizabeth (Dator) Strunk. A tall
monument marks the plot in Fluvanna Cemetery where Henry and Anna Strunk and
two of their children, Saloma and Andrew, are buried; and also Henry
Strunk's second wife Eliza.

14. Simmons, Annis, (twin to Anna Simmons). b. June 24, 1805 Berlin,
Rensselaer Co., NY. d. several years before 1878 (taken from a diary) Buried
Oct. 2, 1878. d/o Jonas & Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons. w/o James Ploss.
They resided in Ellery a few years, then settled in the Town of Harmony.
James came from the East, settling in North Harmony near the Magnolia

(Children of Annis Simmons & James Ploss included: Hamilton Ploss, m. Oct.
27, 1859, Ann Strunk; Willard Ploss; Charlotte Ploss. w/o John Hill).

15. Simmons, Almira. b. Feb 3, 1807. d. Apr. 12, 1843. Age 36. d/o Jonas &
Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk) Simmons. m. Henry Strunk. 1798 - 1854. Both are
buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. Their daughter, Clarissa Strunk, died June 24,
1861 at age 22/3/0. She was the w/o Almon P. Moore. Clarissa is buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery.

16. Simmons, Nelson. b. Apr. 5, 1808. s/o Jonas & Elsie "Elsey" (Strunk)

Simmons, Orvin. b. Nov 3, 1835. d. 1919. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o
Walter & Roxanna (Lyon) Simmons. m. Dec. 28, 1859 Sabra Tracy. Orvin the
owner of the lot in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Simmons, Sabra (Tracy). b. May 10, 1841, in the Township of Carroll. d.
Sept. 3, 1927 at home on Dutch Hollow Road, near Greenhurst. d/o Hatch &
Olive (Gray) Tracy. w/o Orvin Simmons. After teaching several terms of
district school on December 28, 1859 she became the bride of Orvin Simmons,
a union lasting nearly sixty years. Mother of 14 children and many times a
great grandmother, a woman who had no fear of work; a woman who despite her
myriad cares at home was ever ready with a sympathetic heart and willing
hands in time of need. Great is the debt of gratitude a younger generation
owes this woman who watched by the bedside of their sick, cared for their
dying and overtimes unaided by the old country doctor--attended at births.
Bent with age, tired by the dust and glare of life's long day, sweet on the
night the sound of the velvet wings of the night that comes before a
brighter day. Sabra Tracy Simmons died Sept 3, 1927 at her home on the Dutch
Hollow Road in Greenhurst. Both are buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery. Their
children included:
1. Simmons, Ephriam "Hatch". b. June 15, 1863 in a log cabin on Dutch Hollow
Road, near Greenhurst, NY. d. May 8, 1946 at the County Home in Dewittville,
NY, Vascular disease. Age 81/10/23. s/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons.
Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery as Hatch Simmons, on May 10, 1946. w/ Cora E.
Harrington Chase. Ephriam "Hatch" Simmons survived by four sisters: Mrs.
Martha Casselman of Bemus Point, Mrs. Harriet Horton of Pittsburgh, Mrs.
Jane Peterson and Mrs. Anna Harvey of Greenhurst; two brothers, Louis and
Walter Simmons of Greenhurst, a stepdaughter Mrs. Ernest Christoferson of
Greenhurst and a stepson Gillman Chase of Lakewood, Ohio.

Simmons, Cora E. (Harrington) Chase. b. 1861. d. Oct. 21, 1940 at home of
daughter, Gertrude Christoferson, of Beliary Abstruction. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery Oct. 24, 1940 Lot 31. Section 10. Age 78/1/15/ w/o Ephraim "Hatch"
Simmons. Cora survived by brothers: Jack Harrington of Forestville and
William Harrington of Jamesown; three sisters, Mrs. Viola Stafford, Mrs. Guy
Knott and Mrs. Mary Blackmere of Jamestown. She was a member of Fluvanna
Study Club and Levant Cemetery Society.

(Cora E. (Harrington) Chase Simmons had children: Gilman O. Chase 1880-1947
buried in Fluvanna Cemetery: Gertrude A. Chase 1883-1964. Gertrude m. 1st
James P. Phillips and m. 2nd Ernest A. Christoferson. She is buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery.)

2. Simmons, Harriet A. 1865 - 19?? Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Orvin &
Sabra (Teacy) Simmons. m. 1st Floyd Vaness Sessions. Floyd b. Mar. 4, 1857.
d. Nov. 22, 1916 at home Crafton Heights, Pa. Age 58/8/18. Buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Horton Sessions. Bearers at his funeral were all
relatives of Harriet: Marcus, Walter, Lewis, Frank, Hatch Simmons and
Orville Casslman. Harriet m. 2nd Horton.

(Harriet A. Simmons and Floyd Vaness Sessions had a son Walter Orvin

3. Simmons, Martha. b. ??. d. Sept. 1946. Age 79. d/o Orvil & Sabra (Tracy)
Simmons. w/o Orvil Casselman. They had 10 children. All this family in Bemus
Point Cemetery.

4. Simmons, Marcus "Mark" Orvin. b. June 15, 1867. Town of Ellery. d. Jan.
5, 1946 Gowanda State Hospital. Age 78/6/20. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery Jan.
7, 1946. s/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons. m. May 1, 1892 Jamestown, NY. w/
Sarah "Sadie" M. Barclay.

Simmons, Sarah "Sadie" M. (Barclay. b. Sept. 18, 1868. d. Apr. 9, 1935.
Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. w/o Marcus "Mark" Orvin Simmons. Sarah sister of
John Spencer Barclay.

5. Simmons, Frank B. b. 1869. d. Sept. 1921. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.
s/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons. m. Sept. 12, 1893 in Jamestown, NY.
Fannie M. Cowden. (Cut into the cornerstone of the house across from the
Kendall Club, Rt. 430 near Greenhurst is F. B. Simmons. House owned for many
years by parents of Marilyn Eckstrom Danielson. In 2001 house owned by
Marilyn Eckstrom Danielson.)

Simmons, Fanny M. (Cowden). ?? - ??. w/o Frank B. Simmons. Probably buried
in Fluvanna Cemetery.

6. Simmons, Jane. b. July 26, 1872 Fluvanna. d. Nov. 17, 1949. Age 77.
Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons. m. Nov. 20,
1895 Ellery, NY, Chester Cornell Peterson. Chester b. May 24, 1859. d. Oct.
30, 1918. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Cornell & Candace Adele (Holman)
Peterson. Obit of Jane dated Nov. 18, 1949..Mrs. Jane D. Peterson, 77. of
Greenhurst, widow of Chester Peterson, died at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. Herbert Schow of Greenhurst with whom she had resided for the past 20
years, at 5:30 p.m. Thursday. Mrs. Peterson was born in Fluvanna, July 26,
1872, the daughter of Orvin and Sabra Tracy Simmons, and had lived her
entire lifetime in that area. She was a member of the Fluvanna Community
Church and the Fluvanna Cemetery Society. Surviving besides her daughter, is
another daughter, Mrs. Clifford Armstrong, Point Chautauqua; two sisters,
Mrs. Anna Harvey of Greenhurst, and Mrs. Harriet Horton of Pittsburgh, Pa.;
two brothers, Walter Simmons of Dutch Hollow Road; three granddaughters,
Mrs. Robert Lindell, Greenhurst, Miss Barbara Skinner of Buffalo, and Mrs.
Thomas Moriarty of Florida; and one great-grandson. The body will be at the
Powers Funeral Home until noon Sunday when it will be taken to the Fluvanna
Community Church for services at 2:30 p.m. Interment will be in the Fluvanna

7. Simmons, Laura. b. Sept. 10, 1874. d. Oct 24, 1924. Age 50/1/12. Buried
in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Orvil & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons. m. Dec. 15, 1903
Hugh F. Hayner. Hugh m. 2nd Ruth (Delp) Mills Gates. Hugh b. Oct. 5, 1876
Celoron, NY. d. Nov. 23, 1954 in an accident with a buzz-saw. Age 78/1/18.
Hugh buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

(Children of Laura Simmons & Hugh F. Hayner included: Martha Haynor, b. Aug.
17, 1904 Ellery, m. 1st Harold Maus. m. 2nd William Tunniciliff; and Marion
Sabra Hayner, b. July 20, 1906, m. Herbert M. Nelson).

8. Simmons, Adell. 1877 - 1931. d/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons. m. Apr.
3, 1901 Clarence O. Harvey. 1878 - 1940. s/o Oscar & Ada (Spaulding) Harvey.
Both buried in Fluvanna.

9. Simmons, Ellen. b. 18__. d. Oct. 1912. Age 33. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery.
d/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons. w/o Glen Stevenson. Their daughter, Grace
Anna Stevenson, w/o Marsahll Perry McGill is buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.
Bearers at the funeral of Ellen Simmons Stevenson were all relatives:
Marcus, Hatch, Walter, Lewis and Frank - all brothers and Clarence Stevenson
her brother-in-law.

10. Simmons, Anna. b. Aug. 4, 1884. d. Dec. 8, 1967. Age 84. Buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Orvil & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons. m. Nov. 2, 1902 at
Falconer, NY, Carl Spaulding Harvey. Carl b. Nov. 12, 1880 Town of Randolph.
d. at his home at Sheldon Hall, June 22, 1943. Age 62. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. s/o Oscar & Ada (Spaulding) Harvey. Carl S. Harvey had sisters:
Mrs. Walter Joslyn of Greenhurst and Mrs. Thelma Wilbur of Celoron and
brother, Walter Harvey of Greenhurst.

(Children of Anna Simmons & Carl Spaulding Harvey included: Kenneth O.
Harvey of Greenhurst, and Mrs. Mildren Harvey Jones of Greenhurst).

11. Simmons, Walter A. "Red". b. Apr. 10, 1887. d. Oct. 16, 1960 Jamestown
General Hospital, Age 73. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Orvin & Sabra
(Tracy) Simmons. m. May 31, 1909 Mabel M. Smith.

Simmons, Mabel M. (Smith). b. Feb 25, 1886 Ellery. d. Aug. 7, 1960. Buried
Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Hiram & Kate L. (Klock) Smith.

(Children of Walter A. "Red" & Mabel M. (Smith) Simmons included: an infant
daughter who died 1909. This daughter buried in Fluvanna Cemetery on Orvin
Simmons Lot. Dorothy Arlene Simmons, b. Ellery, July 20, 1911, m. Nov. 3,
1937, James Lincoln Akin Jr. of Ellery; Doris Arloene Simmons, b. Ellery
Mar. 9, 1915, m. Aug. 28, 1938, Ray Malm of Jamestown, they did not have any
children; Delores Annis Simmons, b. Ellery, Oct. 30, 1916, m. Oct. 30,
1934, John Reardon of Ellery. They did not have any children.

Simmons, infant daughter. d. 1909. Buried on Orvin Simmon's Lot. d/o Walter
A. "Red" & Mabel M. (Smith) Simmons.

Simmons, Dorothy Arlene. b. July 20, 1911, Ellery. d. ??. d/o Walter A.
"Red" & Mabel M. (Smith) Simmons. w/o James Lincoln Akin Jr. James b. Aug.
18, 1902 Town of Ellery. d. Oct. 18, 1976 Hospital at Silver Creek, NY. Age
74. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o James Lincoln & Mertie (Ingerson) Akin.

12. Simmons, Lewis Ralph. b. July 8, 1889. d. Dec. 29, 1955 at home on Dutch
Hollow Road, near Greenhurst. Age 66/5/21. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery on
Jan. 1, 1956. s/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons. w/ Mala C. Hallberg. Lewis
was a charter member of the Fluvanna Fire Company. He did landscape work.

Simmons, Mala C. (Hallberg) b. Dec. 14, 1886. d. May 12, 1967 WCA Hospital,
Jamestown, NY. Age 80. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Charles Robert &
Emma C. (Anderson) Hallberg. w/o Lewis Ralph Simmons.

13. Simmons, Olive Iolin. d. at age 9/9/29. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. d/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons.

14. Simmons, Walter H. d. at age of 28 days. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.
s/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons.

Simmons, Shelden L. b. Oct. 17, 1922 Greenhurst, NY. d. Dec. 29, 1999. WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. Age 77. s/o Leon & Lavina
(Norton) Simmons. w/ Helen C. Sams. Sheldon was a veteran of World War II,
serving in U.S. Army Air Corp. A radio operator with the 740th Bomber
Squardon 455th Bomb Group from Jan. 1943 to Nov. 1945. A POW and received
his Purple Heart Nov. 9, 1999. Employed 23 years by Watson Manufacturing
Co., and following retirement was a program director for Meals on Wheels.

Simmons Helen C. (Sams). 1999 living in Greenhurst, NY. w/o Sheldon Simmons.

Simmons, Otis. b. July 21, 1819. d. June 6, 1893 at home of son, Harry
Simmons, W. 7th St. Jamestown, NY. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Walter &
Roxylana (Lyon) Simmons. w/ Caroline A.

Simmons, Caroline A. ( ). b. ??. d. Oct. 12, 1880. Age 55. Buried
Fluvanna Cemetery. w/o Otis Simmons.

Simmons, Loranda. b. Nov. 19, 1838. d. Oct. 21, 1896. Buried Fluvanna
Cemetery. d/o Walter & Roxylana (Lyon) Simmons. m. 1st Franklin Klock.
Franklin b. Nov. 22, 1833. d. Aug. 21, 1866. Age 32/4/20. Buried Fluvanna
Cemetery. s/o David & Catherine (Klock) Klock (cousins). m. 2nd Charles
Hapgood of Ellery. Charles drowned in Slippery Rock Creek Flood on July 20,
1904. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Joel & Susan (Harrington) Hapgood.

(Children of Loranda Simmons & Franklin Klock included: Minnie Klock, b.
Mar. 14, 1865 Ellery, d. May 18, 1934. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. m. Allen H.
Seymour; Kate Luella Klock, b. Mar. 14, 1862 Ellery. m. Hiram Smith. Hiram
b. May 25, 1861. d. Nov. 21, 1927, Buried Fluvanna Cemetery).

(Children of Loranda Simmons and Charles Hapgood included: Frank Hapgood,
lived in Jamestown and is deceased: and Clifford Hapgood. Clifford d. Feb.
1949. Buried Portland Evergreen Cemetery. His wife was Pearl "Frankie"

Simmons, Helen b. d. Aug. 15, 1856. Age 7-11-15. dau of O. & C .A. Simmons.

Simmons, Everett. b. d. Mar. 31, 1883 of cancer. Age 32/10/23.

Simmons, Augustus. b. d. Oct. 12, 1881. Age 59-9-12

Simmons, Orvin Eugene. b. 1895 Town of Ellery. d. Oct. 17, 1948. Age 53/2/1.
Buried Oct. 19,1948, Lot 56, Section 10. s/o Marcus "Mark" & Sarah M.
(Barlcay) Simmons. Mark s/o Orvin & Sabra (Tracy) Simmons. w/ Ruth G.

Simmons, Ruth G. (Simmons). b. Dec. 26, 1896 Sheffield, Pa. d. Dec. 27, 1993
Westfield Health Care Center. Age 97. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o
Charles & Sophia (Roberts) Simmons. Prior to retirement, Ruth was employed
by Automatic Voting Machine Corp. In earlier years, she attended Fluvanna
Community church and was a member of the Fluvanna Fire Department Auxiliary,
and the Fluvanna Cemetery Association. She was preceded in death by four
sisters: Dora VanDusen, Irene Carlson, Edith Roberts and Mildred Clark. PJ

Simmons, Lisa (Randall). b. Oct. 9, 1963. d. Mar. 10, 2000 in her home. Age
36. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Charles Delario & Nedra E. (Longmire)
Dellario Anderson. w/o Brian K. Simmons. Lisa survived by two sisters: Sheri
B. Dovenspike and Lorrie K. Warren.

(Children of Brian K. & Lisa (Randall) Simmons include: Thomas L.; Keith M.;
Kenneth W.; Deborah G; Nicole M; and Brandi L. Simmons).

Simmons, Emeline. d. Apr. 4, 1851. Age 25. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. w/o
John Wetsel. Their child Merritt Wetsel, lived with Alexander Simmons
family, and he took the name of Simmons.

Simmons, Grace. b. Apr. 26, 1904 Town of Ellery. d. Sept. 26, 1964 at her
home on Dutch Hollow Road, Greenhurst, NY. Age 60. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery.
d/o Marcus "Mark" & Sarah M. "Sadie" (Barclay) Simmons. w/o Ronald A.
Williams. Grace had lived in the area all of her life. Has a sister: Mrs.
Eva Swanson, Dutch Hollow Road; one brother Leon Simmons of Greenhurst.

Simmons, Mrs. Hanna. b. Peterbrough, Canada. d. Apr. l, 1945 Gowanda State
Hospital, Helmuth, NY. Age 86/1/9. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery on Apr. 5,

Sinclair, Genevieve A. 1905 - 1917. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Sirgey, William F. 1896 - 19??. w/ Gertrude.
Sirgey, Gertrude E. 1898 - 1966. w/o William F. Sirgey.

Skillman, Wilma (Martin). b. Mar. 10, 1931. d. Aug 6, 1997. d/o Herbert &
Dorothy M. (Haberly) Smith. Wilma raised by the Gerald H. Winchester family.
w/o Edwin J. Skillman, s/o Elmer & Margaret (Casselman) Skillman. (Wilma and
Edwin divorced). MOM

(Children of Edwin J. & Wilma (Martin) Skillman included: Philip, Edwin
"David", Peggy, Thomas M., Shamala, Peter L.).

lot broken into single graves no dates entered in book records
Loren P Skinner lot owner 271

Skinner, Loren P. b. Canada. d. May 31, 1941 Gowanda State Hospital,
Helmuth, NY. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery on June 2, 1941. Age 71. w/ Cena C.
Ransom. Owned and operated "Skinner's Place" in Greenhurst. Loren also a
real estate agent.

Skinner, Cena C. (Ransom). b. Dec. 21, 1866 Copenhagen, Denmark. d. Jan. 26,
1933. w/o Loren P. Skinner.

Ida M. CORBETT. of Machcias, NY. d. Mar. 1934. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery
Mar. 31, 1934.

Smiley, William. b. May 25, 1753 Farmington, Conn. d. Mar. 13, 1825 Town of
Ellery. Age 72. s/o William Smiley of Farmington, Conn. m. abt. 1780 Exeter,
Rhode Island, Hannah Wilcox. He served in Capt. Stanley's Co. from
Farmington, CT in Gay's Regt. and according to the War Dept. records
(served) his name appears in an account dated 18 July 1776 of the time of
enlistment, and marching of the men of that company to join the Continental
Army in New York, which shows that he enlisted 23 June, marched 4 July, and
joined the army 7 July.

Smiley, Hannah (Wilcox). b. 1760. d. Mar, 1831 (1832 on stone) d/o Abraham
(b. ca. 1703) & Lydia (Harrington) Wilcox. w/o William Smiley.

(The 3 children of William & Hannah (Wilcox) Smiley were:
1. Smiley, Joseph. b. Nov. 12, 1781 in Vermont. d. Nov. 8, 1862 Town of
Ellery, of stomach problems. s/o William & Hannah (Wilcox) Smiley. m. Mrs.
Sarah "Sally" (Lewis) Gorton. Joseph was a soldier, War of 1812, was at
Battle of Black Rock. They had 12 children.

Smiley, Sarah "Sally" (Lewis) Gorton. widow of Simon Gorton. b. July 2, 1790
West Greenwich, RI. d. Mar. 25, 1860. Age 69/8/23 of disease numb palsy.
Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Daniel & Mary Lewis of West Greenwich, RI.
Sister of Freeborn Lewis.

2. Smiley, William. b. May 25, 1783. d. 1813 Killed at the Battle of Black
Rock, War of 1812. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. w/ Electa Gilmore.

Smiley, Electa (Gilmore). b. 1780. d. 1851. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. w/o
William Smiley Jr.

(The children of William, Jr. & Electa (Gilmore) Smiley included:
a). Joseph Smiley. b. Nov. 12, 1781. d. Nov. 8, 1862; s/o William Jr., &
Electa (Gilmore) Smiley).

b). Simeon Smiley. b. Apr. 9, 1809 Chenango Co., NY. d. May 9, 1888 at home
near Bellview. Age 79/1/0. Buried Bemus Point Cemetery. s/o William Jr. &
Electa (Gilmore) Smiley. m. Ann Marie Bemus. Ann Marie b. Apr. 3, 1811. d.
Mar. 23, 1892. Buried Bemus Point Cemetery. d/o Thomas & Jane (Atkins)

c). Electa Smiley. b. Nov. 20, 1827. d. July 13, 1831. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. d/o William Jr. & Electa (Gilmore) Smiley.

d). James Smiley. b. Nov. 7, 1802. d. Mar. 10, 1883 Ellery of paralysis.
Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. Age 80. s/o William Jr. & Electa (Gilmore)
Smiley. m. Jan. 1824. Hannah Lawrence.

Smiley, Hannah (Lawrence). b. Sept. 14, 1807. d. 1875 Fluvanna of pneumonia.
Age 67. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery, Lot 121. d/o Simon & Hannah (Wilcox)
Lawrence. w/o James Smiley.

3. Smiley, Lucy. b. April 7, 1785. d. May 25, 1831. Age 46/4/18. Buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o William & Hannah (Wilcox) Smiley. m. 1st William
McNitt. William d. May 1, 1811. Age 34. He is buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.
m. 2nd Farrington Smith. The children of Lucy Smiley & Farrington Smith
included: James Smith. b. Mar. 1816. d. Apr. 14, 1816. Age 23 days. Buried
in Fluvanna Cemetery and George Smith. d. Feb. 13, 1843. Age 23/9/10. George
is buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

( Children of Joseph & Sarah (Lewis) Gorton Smiley.
1. Smiley, John. b. Saturday, Apr. 2, 1808 Norwich, Chenango Co. NY. d. Oct
17, 1892 Bemus Point. Age 84/6/15. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Joseph &
Sarah (Lewis) Gorton Smiley. m. Sept. 10, 1853 Eliza Minerva Briggs.

Smiley, Eliza Minerva (Briggs). b. Nov 10, 1829 Independence, Allegany Co,
NY. d. Feb 26, 1898. Age 68/3/16. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Col.
Stephen Briggs of Otsego Co. NY. w/o John Smiley.

(Children of John & Eliza Minerva (Briggs) Smiley included:

(a). Smiley, Rosa Belle. b. Nov 14, 1856 Ellery. d. Aug 27, 1943 Bemus
Point. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. m. Nov. 14, 1877 Eugene Powers Young.
Eugene b. Nov. 7, 1850 Town of Gerry. d. July 17, 1932. Age 81. Buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Wendell B. Sr. & Prudence (Carpenter) Young.

(Children of Rosa Belle Smiley & Eugene Powers Young included:
a) Carrie Minerva Young. b. July 4, 1887 Ellery. d. Mar 16, 1969. Age 80.
Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Rosa Belle Smiley & Eugene Powers Young.
Never married.

b) John Wendell Young. b. June 3, 1891. d. Oct. 9, 1922 in Bemus Point while
visiting his parents, Rosa Belle Smiley & Eugene Powers Young. Buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. m. Ethel Burris of Detroit, Mich.

2. Smiley, Asel. b. July 30, 1809 Chenango Co., NY. d. Sept 27, 1873 in
Fluvanna of dropsy. Age 64. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o John & Sarah
(Lewis) Gorton Smiley. m. Jan. 23, 1833 Charlotte Johnson or Johnston. Came
to Chautauqua County in 1810, at age of 8 months with his father. He was a
wagon maker. His shop was downstairs and the home upstairs. Settled in
Fluvanna about 1839.

Smiley, Charlotte (Johnson of Johnston). b. Apr. 25, 1811 Cayuga Co., NY. d.
Oct. 28, 1865 Spinal Meningitis. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery, Lot 150. d/o
Dea. William Johnson or Johnston of Town of Harmony. w/o Asel Smiley.

(Children of Asel & Charlotte (Johnson or Johnston) Smiley included:
a). Smiley, Freeborn Lewis. 1834 - 1908. Age 76/2/5. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. s/o Asel & Charlotte (Johnson or Johnston) Smiley. m. Anna Brown.

Smiley, Anna (Brown). 1836 - 1927 Buried in Fluvanna Cemetry. w/o Freeborn
Lewis Smiley.

b). Smiley, George W. b. Mar. 13, 1843 Fluvanna, NY. d. 1922. Buried
Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Asel & Charlotte (Johnson or Johnston) Smiley. m.
June 8, 1875 at Jamestown, NY, Estella Brockway.

Smiley, Estella (Brockway). 1858 - 1929. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o
Newell & Abby (Lee) Brockway. w/o George W. Smiley.

c). Smiley, Theodore. (Port Huron, Mich.) s/o Asel & Charlotte (Johnson or
Johnston) Smiley. Lot 123 owner wife Mrs Theodore Smiley no data, lot
returned to Association. Sold later to Jennie Beach.

d). Smiley, Ellen V. d/o Asel & Charlotte (Johnson or Johnston) Smiley. m.
Stephen Ferrin.

e). Smiley, Laura J. 1841 - 1913. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Asel &
Charlotte (Johnson or Johnston) Smiley. m. Willard T. Denslow. Willard b.
1831 Batavia, NY. d. 1913 at home of T. H. Price, at Denslow Park near
Fluvanna. Age 82/5/2. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery.

f). Smiley, Marion Frank. b. in Ellery. d. Feb. 1898. Age 61 years, 8 months
at Winsor, Calif. s/o Asel & Charlotte (Johnson or Johnston) Smiley. w/
Georgia Brightman, who died many years before Marion Frank Smiley. Marion
Frank lived in the West for many years. They had a daughter who in 1906
lived in Fall River, Mass.

(Asel Smiley did Not marry a second time as recorded by Andrew Young;LS)

3. Smiley, Hannah. b. Saturday, May 11, 1811 Ellery. d/o Joseph & Sarah
"Sally" (Lewis) Gorton Smiley. m. Hopkins.

4. Smiley, David. b. June 19, 1812. s/o Joseph & Sarah "Sally" (Lewis)
Gorton Smiley.

5. Smiley, Lydia. b. Tuesday, Aug 2, 1814 Ellery. d. Mar 8, 1905 Albany,
Wis. Age 90/7/8. d/o John & Sarah "Sally" (Lewis) Gorton Smiley. m. Mar. 25,
1839, Asa Comstock in Chautauqua County, NY. Asa died Feb 22, 1875. Lydia
moved to Janesville, Wis. and married. Abt 1845 they moved to Albany, Wisc.
DAR files exist.

6. Smiley, Lucy. b. Apr 5, 1818 in Ellery. d. Jan 11, 1892 ae 73/9/6 d/o
John & Sarah "Sarah" (Lewis) Gorton Smiley.

7. Smiley, Mary. Twin to Martha Smiley. b. Apr 22, 1821 Ellery. d. Aug 16,
1856. Age 35/3/14. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. see Beart. d/o Joseph &
Sarah "Sally" (Lewis) Gorton Smiley. w/o Joseph Beart

8. Smiley, Martha. Twin to Mary Smiley. b. April 22, 1821 Ellery. d/o Joseph
& Sarah "Sally" (Lewis) Gorton Smiley. m. June 7, 1847 in Wisconsin, Samuel
Robb. Samuel b. June 2, 1817 Union Co., Pa. d. May 17, 1889 near Udall,
Kansas. Age 72/11/14. Buried in Udall, Kansas in Walch Cemetery. Obit of
Samuel Robb..from Udall..As announced in our issue of last week, Samuel
Robb, departed this life at his home about one mile east of Udall, Kansas,
on Friday morning, May 17, 1889. Funeral services were conducted on Saturday
morning. He was one of the earliest settlers in this neighborhood and as
was befitting, the service was attended by a large concourse of sympathizing
friends and neighbors, many of whom accompanied the remains to the Walch
cemetery, where he was laid beside the graves of his two daughters, who had
preceded him to this beautiful 'city of the dead.' We have been furnished
the following facts: Samuel Robb was born in Union Co., Pa., June 2nd, 1817.
>From his native state he removed to Illinois, where he lived for about two
years. From thence he went to Wisconsin, where he was married to Martha
Smiley on the 7th of June, 1847. From Wisconsin he came to Kansas in 1870
and located on a claim on which he lived till he died, May 17, '89, aged 72
years, 11 months and 14 days. From his family of nine, five sons and one
daughter, together with his aged wife survive him. He never made a
profession of religion, but bore a good reputation in his neighborhood for
strick honesty, and was a kind and loving father and husband, an obliging
neighbor and was respected by all who knew him.

9. Smiley, Sarah. b. Wednesday, May 12, 1824 Town of Ellery. d. Jan 27, 18__
in Albany, Wis. d/o Joseph & Sarah "Sally" (Lewis) Groton Smiley. m. May 26,
1844, Freeborn Lewis. Freeborn Lewis, b. July 20, 1817. d. Sept. 8, 1871 at
Albany, Wis. of Brights disease of the kidneys. Shortly after they settled
in Wis. their baby died. Four sons were born and died in infancy.

10. Smiley, Harriet. b. Oct 22, 1825. d. June 1879. Age 72/8/8. Burial not
known. d/o Joseph & Sarah "Sally" (Lewis" Gorton Smiley. m. Mar. 17, 1850
John Griffith. John b. July 9, 1820 Ellery. d. while on a visit to Monroe,
Wis. (*Son of John, grandson of Jeremiah Griffith)Their children: Caroline
V. Griffith, Sarah Jane and Leonard Griffith. b 29 Sep 1860. m. Catherine

11. Smiley, Jane. b. Jan 21, 1831. d. Saturday, Oct 30, 1847 in Bible (1848
on stone). Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o Joseph & Sarah "Sally" (Lewis)
Groton Smiley.

12. Smiley, Francis Stuben. b. Fri., Dec. 13, 1836 in Ellery. d. June 3,
1850. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Joseph & Sarah (Lewis) Gorton Smiley.

Children of George W. Smiley & Estella (Brockway) Smiley.
1. Smiley, Bertha Estella. b. Jan 6, 1878 Town Ellicott. d. Apr 25, 1962.
Age 84. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o George W. & Estella (Brockway)
Smiley. m. June 28, 1905 at home of Mr. and Mrs. George Smiley in Fluvanna,
Ray Elbert Phillips. Deceased by 1962. Ray is probably buried in the
Fluvanna Cemetery.

2. Smiley, Asel N. d. May 1961. s/o George W. & Estella (Brockway) Smiley.
m. Martha Tweedale. Martha b. Nov 29, 1883 in Bracnard, Minn. d. Mar 22,
1967 at Jamestown, NY. Age 83. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o John &
Betsey (Mallinson) Tweedale. They did not have any children.

Smiley, Frank A. b. Mar 26, 1861/62 Town of Harmony. d. June 20, 1943.
Age 88/2/24. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery June 22, 1949, Lot 32, Section
West. s/o Freeborn & Ann (Brown) Smiley. m. lst Georgianna C. Beck. m. 2nd
Louise F. Smith. Obit..PJ June 20, 1943. Frank A. Smiley, 88, of 866 North
Main Street, a retired merchant, died at his home at 8:05 a.m. today. Mr.
Smiley was born in the Town of Harmony, March 26, 1861 the son of Freeburn
and Ann Brown Smiley. He owned and operated a lumber mill in Ellery, several
large farms in this area, and grocery stores in Ellery, Bemus Point and
Lakewood. He was affiliated for several years with the Jamestown Electrical
Mills. He resided in this city four years prior to his death. He is survived
by his wife, Louise Smith Smiley; two sons, Raymond F. and Harry E. Smiley
of Jamestown; a daughter, Mrs. Erskine Roberts of St. Petersburg, Fla., a
brother, Clyde Smiley, Ellery and a granddaughter, Emma Lou Roberts of St.
Petersburg, Fla. The remains are at the Powers Funeral Home where funeral
arrangements are being completed.

Smiley, Georgianna C. (Beck). b. in Denmark. d. June 16, 1907 at Fluvanna,
NY. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o George C. & Anna M. (Granberg) Beck.
1st w/o Frank A. Smiley. Georgianna survived by brothers, William and Julius
of Ellery and Lewis of Taft, Lincoln Co., Ore.

Smiley, Louise (Smith). b. Jamestown, NY. d. Mar. 26, 1951. Age 76/6/11. d/o
Charles W. & Della G. (Strickland) Smith. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery, Mar.
28, 1951, Lot 34, Section West, Grave 5. 2nd w/o Frank A. Smiley.

Smiley, Ida Belle. b. 1863. d/o Freeburn & Ann (Brown) Smiley. m. Nov. 18,
1880, Charles Shaver. s/o Martin Luther & Castara (Austin) Shaver.

(Children of Ina Belle Smiley & Charles Shaver included:
1. Shaver, Martin Luther. Called Louie. b. Mar. 8, 1882. d. 1943. Buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Ina Belle Smiley & Charles Shaver. m. Margaret E.
Winchester. 1880 - 19__. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.

2. Shaver, Inez Belle. b. Oct 26, 1884. d/o Ina Belle Smiley & Charles
Shaver. m. 1st C. N. Marston. m. 2nd H. Bemus.

3. Shaver, Frank Almon. b. Feb 29, 1886. d. Aug. 14, 1930. Age 44. Buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o Ina Belle Smiley & Charles Shaver.

4. Shaver, Bessie May. b. Jan 19, 1891. d/o Ina Belle Smiley & Charles
Shaver. m. Strong.

5. Shaver, James E. d. Dec. 15, 1943. age 48. s/o Ina Belle Smiley & Charles

6. Shaver, Clyde C. b.. Mar 25, 1899 Ellery. d. Dec 13, 1956 Erie, Pa. Age
57. Buried in Erie, Pa. s/o Ina Belle Smiley & Charles Shaver.

Smiley, J. Wallace. b.. 1830. d. 1864 in Battle of the Wilderness in the
Civil War. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o James & Hannah (Lawrence)
Smiley. m. Melissa Klock.

Smiley, Malissa (Klock). b. 1837. d. Aug 2, 1913 Ellery. Age 74. Buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. w/o J. Wallace Smiley. She m. 2nd Nelson Orrin Fenton.

Smiley, Mary Ann. b. 1836. d. June 28, 1913. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery.
Parents Unknown. m. Henry G. Hills. 1831 - 1908 Ellery. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. s/o Truman & Clarissa (Simmons) Hills.

(The children of Mary Ann Smiley & Henry G. Hills incluced:
1. Hills, Endora E. d. Oct 10, 1865. Ag e 10/2/0. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. d/o Mary Ann Smiley & Henry G. Hills.

2. Hills, Mary B. b. 1865. d. Mar 15, 1870. Age 5/8/22. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. d/o Mary Ann Smiley & Henry G. Hills.

Smiley, Mrs. Mehitable. Buried Aug 12, 1880 in Fluvanna Cemetery. m. 1st
Smiley. m. 2nd Oct. 23, 1877, Dea. Rinus Dickinson Turner. (He m. 1st to
Diana Winchester) b. June 8, 1808. d. Feb. 28, 1878. He is buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. s/o William & Sarah (Graham Turner.

Smiley, Simon. b. 1826. d. 1895. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. m. Jeanette

Notice Feb. 10, 1887 Jeanette Smiley, my wife, having left my bed and board
without cause or provocation. I do hereby forbid all persons whomsoever from
harboring or trusting her on my account. (They appear to be beside each
other at Fluvanna Cemetery.)

Smiley, Jeanette (Phillips). 1832 - 1909. Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o
Arthur & Asenath Phillips. w/o Simon Smiley.

Smiley Charles "Clyde". b. Nov 13, 1878 Ellery Center. d. July 3, 1968
at his home in Ellery Center. Age 88/ Buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. s/9
Freeborn & Anna (Brown) Smiley. m. Oct. 19, 1912 in Westfield, NY, Laura

Smiley, Laura (Porter). b/ May 15, 1893 Yankee Bush, Conewango Tn, Warren
Co., Pa. d. Apr. 7, 1976 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 82. d/o William &
Mary Pier Porter. She lived at 205 Laurel Street Lakewood with her daughter,
Mrs. Marguerite (Smiley) Miller Ralph.

(Children of Charles "Clyde" & Laura (Porter) Smiley included:
1. Smiley, Freeburn Eugene. b. Aug. 26, 1913 Ellery Center. d. Dec. 27, 2000
at Medina, Ohio. s/o Charles "Clyde" & Laura (Porter) Smiley. He had been
separated from his wife for many years. Their children were: Jean Smiley and
George Smiley.

2. Smiley, Marguerite. b. Dec. 6, 1917. Living in 2001. d/o Charles "Clyde"
& Laura (porter) Smiley. m. 1st Nov. 12, 1936. John George Miller. John b.
June 2, 1903 Ellery. d. May 7, 1959 Ellery. Age 55. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. s/o Francis & Grace (Ovitt) Miller. m. 2nd Oliver Ralph (deceased)
of Lakewood, NY. She was a graduate of Bemus Point High School and Fredonia
State Teachers College, Fredonia, NY. Was a teacher at the Fluvanna
Elementary School for several years.

3. Smiley, Robert Porter. s/o Charles "Clyde" & Laura (Porter) Smiley. m.
Virginia Kester. Veteran of WW II. 2001 living in Webster, NY.

4. May Leone Smiley. Had her name changed to Lee Judy Smiley.
She was crippled in her hands and feet since birth, but overcame her
handicap with great success. b. May 25, 1923 Ellery Center. d. Dec. 16,
1988 in Genesee Hospital, Rochester, NY. Age 65. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery. d/o Charles "Clydeð

Strunk, Jacob. b. Nov. 24, 1769 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. June 15, 1834
Ellicott. s/o Henry S. & Anna Elizabeth (Harwisch) Strunk. m. Nov. 22, 1791
Albany, NY, Elizabeth Dator.

Strunk, Elizabeth (Dator). d. Mar. 17, 1836. Age 65. w/o Jacob Strunk.

Strunk, Henry. Died at Fluvanna, April 17, 1877, age 82. of softening of the
brain. He is buried in Fluvanna Cemetery. He was born at Greenbush,
Rensselaer Co., N.Y., April 9, 1795. Came with his parents to Ellicott in
1816. (His parents were Jacob and Elizabeth Dator Strunk) In the fall of
1820 he married Anna, daughter of Jonas Sr. & Elsie (Strunk) Simmons...and
later bought the farm of his father-in-law, on which he long lived. Henry
and Anna Strunk were the parents of twelve children, -- 6 boys and 6 girls.
Anna Strunk died March 14, 1842. She is buried on Lot 10 in the Fluvanna
Cemetery. Mr. Strunk married 2nd to Mrs. Eliza Pierce Smith....(daughter of
Eliza and
John M. Pierce, early settlers and widow of Turner Smith....cousin.) By this
marriage there were three issue. Eliza Strunk died Ellicott, July 27, 1856,
age 49. Buried Fluvanna Cemetery on Lot 10. On March 17, 1857 Henry Strunk
married third, Mrs. Jemima Ward Strunk, widow of his cousin Henry
Strunk....no issue. The last wife died at Fluvanna, April 29, 1891, age
81-6-28. Buried at Fluvanna with her second husband, Henry Strunk.

Strunk, Walter. b. Sept. 21, 1822 Town of Ellicott. d. Feb. 28, 1875 at his
home in Fluvanna. Age 72/5/5. s/o Henry & Annie (Simmons) Strunk. m. 1st
Jan. 27, 1848 Polly Peterson of Ellery. m. 2nd Mar. 26, 1895 in Jamestown,
Elsie Ann Haviland Follett. (Her 2nd marriage. Elsie from Union City, Pa.
Walter sruvived by brothers: Gilbert, William C., George W. and sisters:
Elmira Strunk w/o Ira Young; Ann Strunk w/o Ploss; and Miss Nettie Strunk.
Bearers at his funeral were all relatives: Dudley MeCusker, Gilbert, Henry,
Hoyt Strunk, G. E. Griffith and C. C. Peterson.

Strunk, Polly Peterson. b. Oct. 20, 1823. d. Mar. 20, 1888 Ellery. Age 64
years, 5 months. d/o Jacob Peterson. w/o Walter Strunk.

Strunk, Edna. b. July 10, 1854. d. July 31, 1931. Age 77. d/o Walter & Polly
(Peterson) Strunk. w/o Dudley Mecusker. b. Oct. 2, 1846. d. Feb. 26, 1922.
s/o Patrick & Phoebe (Becker) Mecusker. Both buried in Fluvanna.

Strunk, Frank. b. Nov. 25, 1852. d. Nov. 13, 1853. Buried Fluvanna. s/o
Walter & Polly (Peterson) Strunk.

Strunk, Florence. b. Dec. 12, 1848. d. July 1, 1850. d/o Walter & Polly
(Peterson) Strunk. Buried Fluvanna.

Strunk, Willis C. b. Jan. 21, 1858. d. July 29, 1892. Buried Fluvanna. s/o
Walter & Polly (Peterson) Strunk. m. Etta Lord. She m. 2nd Lozier.

Strunk, Selina A. b. Dec. 3, 1829. d. June 13, 1866. Buried Fluvanna
Cemetery. d/o Henry & Anna (Simmons) Strunk. m. 1855 Benjamin Brownell. b.
Apr. 25, 1831. d. Feb. 24, ____at his home in Los Angeles, Calif. Probably
buried in Claif. s/o David & Thankful (Brownell) Brownell. Their daughter
Carrie Btrownell was b. Mar. 9, 1862 and d. Jan. 13, 1865. She is buried in
Fluvanna Cemetery. Benjamin Brownell m. 2nd Emily E. Vandervoort.

Strunk, Soloma. b. Mar. 10, 1828. d. May 17, 1831 when her father's home,
the tavern burned. She was asleep on her father's bed. d/o Henry & Anna
(Simmons) Strunk.

Strunk, Andrew. b. Oct. 21, 1877. d. Oct. 30, 1877.

Strunk, William. d. March 26, 1878. from Cemetery book. NO other data.

Strunk, Elizabeth. b. 1793. d. June 11, 1880. Age 87. w/o Henry M. Platner.
b Rensselaer Co., N.Y., Aug. 21, 1789. d. Dec. 6, 1862. Age 73. Their
children: twins, Eugene Platner. Dec. 24, 1831 - Dec. 30, 1831 & Emigene
Platner. b. Dec. 24, 1831. d. Dec. 30, 1831; Minerva Platner. b. 1825. d.
June 15, 1833; David Platner. b. 1821. d. May 31, 1853; Emeline Platner, b.
1815. d. Sept. 25, 1856. and Jacob Platner. b. 1827. d. May 13, 1857; are
all buried in Fluvanna.

Strunk, Henry. b. Aug. 6, 1798. d. Apr. 18, 1854. Age 55/8/12. s/o John &
Mary (Lee) Strunk. m. 1st Almira Simmons. m. 2nd Jemia ( ) Ward.

Strunk, Almira. b. d. Apr. 12, 1843. Age 36. w/o Henry Strunk.
Strunk, Jemima ( ). Ward. d. Apr. 29, 1891. Age 81/6/28. She m. 1st.
Ward. m. 2nd Henry Strunk, s/o John & Mary (Lee) Strunk. m. 3rd Henry Strunk
s/o Jacob & Elizabeth (Dator) Strunk. She is buried beside her 2nd husband.

Strunk, Clarissa. d. June 24, 1861. Age 22/3/0. d/o Hrnry & Almira (Simmons)
Strunk. Buried Fluvanna. w/o Almon P. Moore.

Strunk, Gilbert. Owner of Lot 11 in old section of Fluvanna Cemetery. 1881 -
1908. s/o Henry & Anna (Simmons) Strunk. m. 1859 Cornelia A. Burtis.

Strunk, Cornelia A. (Burtis). b. 1834 Williston, near Roslyn, Long Island.
d. Dec. 1, 1921 at Strunk Homestead. Age 87. d/o Joseph & Mary A. Burtis.
She came with her parents to Chautauqua County when her father puchased a
farm on Burtis Bay where Celoron now stands. She survived by one sister,
Emma E. Burtis of Jamestown.

Strunk, Hoyt. b. June 12, 1868 Strunk Rd. Fluvanna. d. Oct. 24, 1947 at old
Strunk homestead on Townline Road which was acquired by the Strunk family
from the Holland Land Company. Age 79/4/14. Buried Oct. 27, 1947 Fluvanna
Cemetery , Lot 11, Section E. s/o Gilbert & Cornelia A. (Burtis) Strunk. m.
Jessie Blanche Haman. Hoyt also m. to Blanch P. Bedient.

Strunk, Jessie Blanche (Haman) b. Jan. 8, 1871 Ellington. d. June 16, 1944.
Age 73. Buried June 18, Fluvanna Cemetery, Lot 11. d/o Henry & Mary Haman.
w/o Hoyt Strunk. Jessie had sister, Mrs. Kate Haman. Jessie had lived in
vicinity of Jamestown the past 35 years and attended Fluvanna Community

Strunk, Blanch P. (Bedient). b. 1872. d. Sept. 2, 1894. Buried in Fluvanna
Cemetery, Lot 11. d/o George & Harriet C. Peterson Bedient. w/o Hoyt Strunk.

Strunk, Gilbert Harmon. b. 1892. d. June 19, 1911 when hit by a freight
train on J.C. & L. E. Railroad at boatlanding in Jamestown. Both legs
amputated at WCA Hospital. Died 6 hours later - family thought of shock. Age
19. Buried on Lot 11. s/o Hoyt & Blanche P. (Bedient) Strunk.

Strunk, Fred Burtis. 1872 - ??. s/o Gilbert & Cornelia A. (Burtis) Strunk.
m. Adella Wood.

Strunk, Adella (Wood). b. Apr. 4, 1879 Genesee, Pa. d. Mar. 1926. Age 76.
w/o Fred Burtis Strunk. Adella had been a resident of Fluvanna since 1908,
coming here from McKeesport, Pa.

Strunk, DeForest. b. 1899. d. Apr. 27, 1943 by lightning. Age 44/2/20. s/o
Fred Burtis & Adella (Wood) Strunk. m. Mary Ann Johnson.

Strunk, Mary Ann (Johnson) b. Nov. 3, 1902 Costello, Pa. d. July 11, 1987
Kissimmee Humana Hosp. Kissimmee Fla. Age 84. d/o Carl A. & Mathilda
Johnson. w/o DeForest Strunk. Mary Ann m. 2nd Jack Beamis who died in 1955.

Strunk, DeForest. b. Sept. 1, 1928. d. Sept. 8, 1985 at his home at
Clairemont Drive, San Diego, Calif. Age 57. s/o DeForest & Mary Ann
(Johnson) Strunk.

Strunk, DeForest. b. Oct. 1, 1862. d. Dec. 18, 1866. Age 4/3/6. s/o Gilbert
& Cornelia A. (Burtis) Strunk.

Strunk, Eugene. b. 1895. d. Feb. 22, 1895. Age 30/1/22. Buried on Lot 18.
s/o Gilbert & Cornelia A. (Burtis) Strunk. m. Apr. 1, 1889 Luella Weaver.
Strunk, Luella (Weaver). b. 1864. d. Nov. 25, 1892 San Bernando, Cal. of
consumption. Age 27. Buried in Fluvanna on Lot 18. d/o Simon Brownell & Anna
Delora (Bickford) Weaver. w/o Eugene Strunk.

Strunk, Meridith. d. Mar. 22, 1892. Age 9 months. d/o Eugene & Luella
(Weaver) Strunk.

Strunk, Charles R. b. Mar. 9, 1846. d. May 2, 1884. Buried on Lot 13, s/o
Henry & Anna (Simmons) Strunk. w/ Amy A. Sherman.

Strunk, Amy A. (Sherman). b. Dec. 26, 1845. d. Nov. 20, 1906. Buried on Lot
13. w/o Charles R. Strunk.

Strunk, Washington b. Jan. 23, 1839. d. Mar. 20, 1839. Age 0-2-0. s/o John &
Eleanor (McNitt) Strunk.

Strunk, Jane B. (Williamson). 1834 - 1928. Buried Fluvanna. w/o Elias
Strunk. She m. 2nd Dr. J. Wells Button.

Strunk, Elsie. b. Jan. 29, 1766. d. July 2, 1854 (stone says 55). Age
89/4/3. d/o Hendrick & Anna Elizabeth (Harwischs) Strunk. m. Aug. 21, 1785
Berlin, Rensselaer Co. Jonas Simmons Sr. b. Mar. 11, 1758. d. Nov. 1, 1848
Ellicott. Both are buried in Fluvanna. They had 16 children.

Strunk, Miss Marian A. b. Feb. 11, 1889. d. Mar. 31, 1963 Niagara Falls Mem.
Hosp. Age 64. d/o Hoyt & Jessie (Haman) Strunk. Miss Strunk taught school in
Niagara Falls for 37 years, retiring in 1961.

Strunk, Mary Jane. d. Feb. 6, 1872. Age 25/18/0. d/o William H. & Jane Ann
(Van Vleck) Strunk. w/o William Willets.

Strunk, Mildred L. b. July 14, 1901. d. Oct. 13, 1988. Age 87. d/o Hoyt &
Jessie (Haman) Strunk. Miss Strunk was a teacher in Orchard Park and
Jamestown for 34 years.

Strunk, Maude E. ?? - ??. Probably buried in Fluvanna. d/o Charles R. & Amy
A. (Sherman) Strunk. w/o Clyde B. Hiller. b. Dec. 10, 1880. d. Mar. 19,
1942. Buried in Fluvanna.

Strunk, Mabel Aurilla. b. Oct. 30, 1872. d. Aug. 27, 1953. Age 80. m. May
1, 1895 John W. Rulifon. b. Nov. 1, 1861 Wheatland, NY. d. May 3, 1932
Jamestown. Age 70. Buried Fluvanna. s/o Philetus Rulifon.

Strunk, Esther J. 1844 - 1882. w/o James Mecusker.

Strunk, Dr. Georgianna. b. Sept. 16, 1858. d. Dec. 27, 1943. Age 85/3/11.
d/o Elias & Jane B. (Williamson) Strunk. m. 1st Dr. Ernesto Loffredo, 1873 -
1923. Buried Fluvanna. She m. 2nd. Dr. J. Wells Button. She is survived by 6
cousins: Fred, Henry and Hoyt strunk, Town of Ellicott; and Mrs. Lizzie
Matthews, Mrs. Mabel Strunk Rulison and Mrs. Maude Strunk Hiller, all of

Sundell, Peter. d. 1912. Age 81
Sundell, Mrs Peter. d. 1912. Age 79.

Swan, Caroline B. 1917 - 1985. w/o Elmer E. Swan.
Swan, Elmer E. 1907 - 1983. w/ Caroline B.
Swan, Hilma. d. Nov. 26, 1935. Age 56/9/11. Buried in Fluvanna, Nov. 29,
1935, Lot North. m. Parker. A widow at time of her death.

Swanson, Thor. 1892 - 1976. w/ Anna S.
Swanson, Anna S. 1883 - 1973. w/o Thor Swanson.
Swanson, Thor Kenneth. 1912 - 1971. w/ Ora J.
Swanson, Ora J. 1913 - ??. w/o Thor Kenneth Swanson.
Swanson, Elizabeth G. (Briggs. 1919 - 1998. OUR BELOVED MOTHER
Swanson, Eva R. b. 1909 d. Nov. 4, 1991. Age 82. w/o Gilbert C. Swanson.
Swanson, Gilbert C. b. 1909 d. Mar. 2, 1991. w/ Eva R.
Swanson, Leonard E. 1892 - 1949. w/ Ruth Anderson.
Swanson, Ruth (Anderson) 1893 - 1972. w/o Leonard Swanson.
Swanson, Raymond O. b. Sept. 16, 1916 Ashville. d. Mar. 19, 1994. m. 1st
Lucille M. Lee. m. 2nd Marion Taylor.

Swanson, Lucille M. 1918 - 1970. w/o Raymond O. Swanson.
Swanson, Melvin L. b. Apr. 12, 1918 Ellery. d. Apr. 13, 1991. Age 73. s/o
Leonard & Ruth (Anderson) Swanson. For many years ran the Swnson Gulf
Service Station at Bellview. WW II Pfc. US Army Air Corps.

Swanson, Peggy Ann. b. Apr. 8, 1941. d. July 20, 1969 . DAUGHTER WIFE
Swanson, Peru. ?? - ??.
Swanson, Theodore E. Sept. 18, 1894. d. Sept. 27, 1976. m. Sept. 29, 1916.
Catherine E. Garrigan.

Swanson, Catherine E. (Garrigan). b. Dec. 15, 1897. d. Sept. 29, 1992. Age
94. w/o Theodore E. Swanson.

Swanson, William K. b. Aug. 8, 1933. d. Nov. 2, 1998 . US Army

Swanson, William. Book records that he is owner of Lot 19. 1841 - 1928. w/
Louisa A.
Swanson, Louisa Swanson. 1840 - 1895. Age 54/4/22. w/o William Swanson.

Swanson,Inez. b. Feb. 25, 1893. d. Sept. 9, 1895. Age 2. d/o John & Alice K.

Sweatman, Becky Kay (Tellinghuisen). b. June 6, 1957. d. Jan. 24, 1991. Age
33. d/o George G. & Sandra Kay (Lanphere) Tellinghuisen. w/o Arthur Raymond
Sweatman Sr. of Ellery Center.

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SOURCE: Compiled and digitized by Dolores Davidson, 2001.
Data from many sources, including the old records of Minnie Cohen transcribed in1932 and from the Enchanted Mountains Genealogy Cemetery site, compiled by EMGS Member James J. Emborsky with permission of the President, Mary Bryant, in a shared database old obits and bios newspaper clippings etc. and current obituaries and the records of Loraine Smith, and by family data; and all data corrected and edited by Loraine Smith, Town of Ellery Historian; according to her records.